Tribute by Maurice Allen, Business Manager of Schools

Friends. Fellow Citizens:

We are gathered here today to pay homage to our great citizen and benefactor. Mr. Edward Lee McClain. Anything which we might say or do here will not add in any way to the greatness of his character, the strength of his will, the power of his ability for accomplishment. These characteristics have already been firmly established in the life of our city and can not lie changed. All
we can do is honor him in sacred memory.

For nearly twenty years I have been in close touch with his activities. During that time it has been possible to see him during the busiest period of his life, working early and late to accomplish the things that his will demanded. Supervising numerous large industries, the American Pad and Textile Company. Greenfield, with its branches in Chatham. Ontario, Canada. Chillicothe. Ohio and Evansville. Ind.; The American Textile Co., Atco, Ga.; The Sand Mixing Machine Co.. New York; The Crescent Manufacturing Co., Louisville; The National Lumber and Box Co., Detroit; The Wellston Rich Run Coal Co., Wellston, and others, in all of which he held a large interest that called for his constant supervision, not to mention his many other investments which called for further
attention. He seemed to be ever happiest when the work was heaviest.

Gradually as time moved on he retired from the industries, which he controlled as opportunity offered retaining only his interest in the American Pad and Textile Co. which he favored above all others.

It was during the very busiest part of his life that he look on the added responsibility of building the Edward lav McClain High School Building and later the McClain Vocational Building, the McClain Athletic Field and the School Cottages. In these later undertakings all of the members of his family participated. He gave freely of his time and studied every detail lo make sure that the
construction was right.  He has always considered his contribution to the Schools here his greatest accomplishment and cherished it above anything else. It will always stand as a memorial to his greatness. May we and succeeding generations always keep it in the same beautiful spirit in which he gave it, working hard to keep it as it is today the most beautiful school plant in America.


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