Tribute by Janice M. Handley, President Student Senate

As president of the Student Senate of the Edward Lee McClain High School, it is my privilege to present the “Student’s Tribute” in this Memorial service lo our benefactor, the late beloved Edward Lee McClain.

Mr. McClain exemplified so many traits which are necessary for our well-being and success that first of all I think we should ask ourselves why w: love him and honor his memory. Everyone of us is greatly indebted lo him for the wonderful opportunities he has given us. Our beautiful school plant, which is famous throughout the country as being one of the best, with its unsurpassed landscaping and flowers which he loved so well, is just one of the things for which we are grateful. The rooms and corridors arc filled with splendid paintings and sculpture, not only for our education but also for our enjoyment.

We shall always love and cherish Mr. McClain because he was so unselfish. He gave liberally of his time and wealth lo make our surroundings more pleasant and desirable. The ordinary man of would have given himself the first consideration, but Mr. McClain was more concerned with our welfare.

He shall always live in our memories as one who was always interested in our school activities.

He was happy when we succeeded; he rejoiced when our teams were victorious, or when the students distinguished themselves. No one was more interested in our school paper and annual, the “Dragon” than Mr. McClain. He attended our games, plays, and operettas so long as he was able, and often, perhaps, when his physical condition war far from Rood.

The question of how we can repay the debt we owe our departed friend and benefactor stands out vividly in our minds. I am sure we can best repay him by trying to emulate him by being kind, thoughtful, and unselfish; to be honest and honorable in all our activities; to always think of the fair name of our school and lo do nothing to bring dishonor to it. We can best show our appreciation of his gifts by taking the best possible care of them as the years come and go.


If the spirit of our departed friend should still participate in the cares and concerns of those who are dear to him. we know that we can still bring happiness to him by tenderly caring for our school—the splendid object of his great affections.

What we say on this occasion is not nearly so important as what we do in the future, for we all know that deeds speak louder than words. Let it be the solemn pledge of every student assembled here this afternoon to carry on Mr. McClain’s interest in the love of the beautiful, his interest in education, and his interest in the betterment of our community.


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