Resolutions of Sympathy

The Board of Education, Teachers, and Administrative Personnel of the Greenfield Schools wish to express their sense <if irreparable loss and sorrow in the death of Edward Lee McClain who has given so unstintedly of his wealth and experience in the development and expansion of the Greenfield School system. Not only has he built and equipped a magnificent group of buildings,
original in conception. Beautiful in design and complete in every detail; he has through wise counsel and advice given guidance and direction to the efforts of those entrusted with the education of the youth of the community.

Mr. McClain fully appreciated, as many men today do not seem to appreciate, that the public schools are America’s first line of defense; that the failure of America lungs in the balance every day in the school room and that the safety and security of our government anil institutions are intimately bound up with the training of youth.

He has impressed his personality and character indelibly upon the schools of Greenfield and upon all who have passed through their portals. His influence will be felt for generations yet to come.

He was a man. kindly, generous, sincere, a Christian whose creed was one of deeds, not words; a citizen who believed in the civic duty of service to his fellow men. His life was an inspiration; his memory a benediction. We mourn the passing of a friend and associate with a sense of loss that is deeply personal. Our sincere sympathy goes out to the bereaved wife, children and grandchildren who mourn the loss of one of nature’s noblemen:

Board oi Education
Greenfield Exempted Village School District.

John Davis, President
F. R. Harris, Superintendent
Maurice Allen, Business Manager


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