McClain Alma Mater

To anyone who ever attended Edward Lee McClain High School the most beautiful song ever composed was Margaret “Barney” Beaver’s McClain Alma Mater. In the late 1980s a community talent show was staged and under the direction of Robert Anderson the community choir performed the song.


7 thoughts on “McClain Alma Mater

  1. I went to this school twice back in the 1960’s. Although I never graduated from this school, I consider it one of the best schools if not the best that I ever attended. I love the schools Alma Mater but until the past year or so, I never knew that Margaret “Barney” Beavers wrote it. I knew her personally as she lived within a mile from where I was born down at Carmel, Ohio. I, like so many others, am very proud to say that I attended this school.

  2. Just watched this video..think i have watched before, but so good to review it once again . Beautiful!

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