Introduction to Memorial Services

By B. R. Duckworth, Principal of Edward Lee McClain High School

Students and friends:

It is highly appropriate that we cease our labors for a time this afternoon to render our meed of praise to our good friend and benefactor, Edward Lee McClain, who passed to his reward quietly and peacefully on the afternoon of May second. Because it was so unexpected the announcement of his death came as a painful shock to us all.

Mr. McClain is mourned not only by the hundreds of men and women who have had the privilege of working for and with him but also by the multitudes who have enjoyed the privilege of attending the school which has the distinction and the honor i>f bearing his name.

Our hearts go out, I am well assured, with profound sympathy to his bereaved family and especially to her who has been his gracious companion both in the zenith of his powers and during the illness that finally undermined them.

Six representatives of organizations that our good friend was associated with will in these services express their appreciation of his pre-eminent worth.


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