E.L. McClain Funeral Services

Without eulogy or encomium, without obituary and without song, funeral services for Edward Lee McClain were held from the First Methodist Church Monday afternoon, May 7, 1934 at two-thirty o’clock.

Although volumes might have been said in commendation of the beloved benefactor, his wish for the most simple of rites was carried out to the letter.

Long before the funeral cortege arrived, the church was filled to capacity with a sorrowing citizenry, come to pay a last tribute to their leading fellow-citizen. Preceding the brief services Mrs. LeRoy Hayes played softly at the organ.

Flowers were banked high completely around the chancel and the casket was covered with a blanket of rosebuds.

Dr. Arthur Adams, of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., opened the services by reading “Rock of Ages”. Rev. B. E. Stevens, pastor of the church, and Dr. J. R. Colley former pastor, then read brief passages of scripture and Dr. Colley offered prayer. The reading of a poem by Rev. Stevens concluded the services.

Services at Greenfield cemetery were equally brief, the committal ceremony being conducted by Rev. B. E. Stevens, and the benediction prayer being offered by Dr. Colley. The body rests in the McClain lot, where sleep his parents and grandparents, one of his children who died in infancy, and his brother, Arthur.


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