Dr. Kilpatrick’s Memorial Prayer

Our Father God. whose days are without number and who art Lord of all created beings, come near to bless us in this service. Make us deeply sensible of all thy benefits. Especially impress upon us the great goodness with which thou hast favored this community through the life of thy servant, in respect of whose memory we are met.

Help us to praise thee as we should for the mobility of his life, the strength of his character, the love of his heart for his fellowmen, the loftiness of his ideals, the magnanimity of his philanthropies, the extended power of his influence, and the assured hope of his soul. Sanctify these mighty forces admist us and establish them in perpetuity.

By Thy Holy Spirit prevail upon each of us to cultivate kindred graces. Let Thy Holy Spirit lead us all the days of our lives: That, when we shall have served thee in our generation, we may be gathered unto our fathers, having the testimony of a good conscience in the communion of  Thy Church; in the confidence of a certain faith; in the comfort of a reasonable, religious, and holy hope; in favor with Thee our God, and in perfect charity with the world. All which we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord.



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