Cornerstone Removed, Time Capsule Opened

NOTE: According to Supt. Joe Wills the contents of the capsule, mostly paper documents, are deemed too fragile for revealing and displaying them outdoors as first planned. The plan is to now have the contents in a glass display case on the first floor of MHS and viewable throughout the celebration. Afterwards arrangements will be made with a historical preservation company to have everything professionally preserved.


Beginning around 8 am on Thursday, September 3, 2015 a skilled artisan began the process of removing the cornerstone of McClain High School. It had been laid in 1914 with a time capsule enclosed and not to be opened until the school’s Centennial year, 2015. The video reveals the exposed stone and capsule but the capsule could not be physically removed without fear of damaging its contents. Instead the lid was removed and the contents, a collection of various papers, removed and placed in safe storage. The subject of these papers will be revealed on Saturday, September 5 at 4 pm in front building’s main doors on Jefferson Street.


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