Centennial Reunion Event Tickets now Online

The details regarding the only two reunion events that carry a cost have been finalized. The Saturday afternoon Centennial Tea & Style Show and the Saturday evening Centennial Alumni Dinner require registration and tickets. Tickets will be available both at the door and online but only online reservations will be guaranteed. All others were be subject to space available. Complete details for online tickets are available at our Eventbrite page. Just click the button below.

eventbrite ticket button

The Centennial Tea is scheduled for Saturday, September 5 at the United Methodist Church on the corners of South and Fourth Streets. Time is 1:00 pm.

The Centennial Alumni Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, September 5 at the McClain Cafetorium located in the Vocation Building. Time is 5:00 till 7:00 pm.


4 thoughts on “Centennial Reunion Event Tickets now Online

  1. I am offended by the ad for DuckDuck and for the fee tacked onto the reservations for the Tea and the Banquet, but we’ll be there. Sounds like a grand time!

    • The ad you find offensive is from a feed we have no control over. It is what comes as a part of making use of a free web hosting site. The committee does not have the funding needed to create and maintain an independent site. Secondly, the fee is what Eventbrite charges for making credit card payments possible. If we were to independently offer credit card payments the cost would result in us having to up the ticket cost higher than what Eventbrite charges. It cost over 3.5% to accept credit cards and those cost are passed on in the form of higher prices. Eventbrite is charging 1.54% on a $10 ticket. You don’t have to make use of this service, you have the option of taking your chances at the door.

  2. Hey all, I just received this today about the events for the McClain Centennial Reunion this September. It sounds as though the reservations will be limited so you need to make the reservations as soon as possible or you might be shut out. Mike and I made reservations for both. Just a FYI!


  3. Reunion Committee, Thank you for your time and effort in organizing this special weekend for us. Your slate of events will provide fun and entertainment for the entire spectrum of alumni attending the celebration. Many of us who live far away and have been away for decades still consider Greenfield “our hometown” and the McClain connection is a big part of that feeling and good memories. Neal McCoppin, MHS Class of 1967

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