MHS Doctoral Student Working on Dissertation

val free jonesValerie Free Jones, 1995 alumnus, is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at Marshall University. Her dissertation topic (and potential book) will be over the role of McClain High School in the culture of the community. She will be attending the Centennial Celebration in hopes of making contacts with alumni for oral history interviews to include in dissertation research. She will also be conducting focus groups at the celebration. Please keep this in mind if you would like to be part of this exciting project. Further details will possibly become available on this site as well as a Facebook page.


MHS Centennial Medallion for Graduation Gift

Looking for a unique and lasting gift for your graduating McClain High School senior? Please consider giving them a sterling silver McClain Centennial Medallion.  The price is still $35 and medallions can be obtained by sending a check to the McClain Alumni Association, c/o Linda Penn, 11525 SR 138, Greenfield, OH 45123 or directly from Sue Ann Baird at the Superintendent’s Office at 200 N. Fifth St.


Original Dedication of MHS

The dedication of the building that came to be known as Edward Lee McClain High School began Wednesday, Sept. 1, 1915 and continued through Saturday, Sept. 4. The afternoon session on Sept. 1 took place in the auditorium and featured addresses by Hon. Frank B. Willis, the governor of Ohio, and Hon. Frank W. Miller, the superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction of Ohio. That evening, again in the auditorium, Rev. Freely Rohrer of the Presbyterian Church presided at a service featuring an informal organ recital by Ernest M. Skinner, who built the pipe organ that is still used a century later. The recital was followed by an address on “Education and Religion” by Herbert Welch, president of Ohio Wesleyan University.

Each day of activities featured an opportunity for the public to come and see the amazing art-filled school that had been built in Greenfield. The school was a gift of Mr. McClain, whose vision was to help his home town, “As promising the most good to the greatest number for the longest time.”

Other activities throughout the days of dedication included a formal organ recital by Prof. James T. Quarles of the Cornell University Department of Music, displays of “moving pictures,” a demonstration of the gymnasium equipment by a team from the YMCA of Cincinnati, a demonstration by Prof. Ralph Price of the “mechanical player,” a Dedicatory Ode composed by a member of the local alumni association, and addresses by a host of other dignitaries. Formal delivery of the deed for the property on behalf of the donor, Mr. McClain, was accepted by Charles Davis, president of the local Board of Education.

On Labor Day Weekend 2015 (Sept. 4-5-6) McClain High School will celebrate its centennial with numerous special activities.

mhs dedication program 1915

Submitted by Ron Coffey