MHS Hall of Fame Nominations Open

The Edward Lee McClain High School will honor graduates for their academic. athletic
and professional accomplishments. In recognition that alumni can serve as worthy
hall of fame artrole models to students of all ages, inductees will represent the highest standards
of excellence. Nomination to the Hall of Fame recognizes the nominee’s achievement
of personal excellence, contributions to a particular field of endeavor, and service to the

To qualify for recognition, nominees should meet the following criteria:
The nominee must have attended and graduated from Edward Lee McClain
High School.

The nominees must have completed an advance degree program or have received
meritorious commendations for unique contributions to their vocation.
The nominee has achieved the highest honors and / or international recognition for
their accomplishment in their career.

The accomplishment is so unique, special, and distinctive that any of the previously
mentioned criteria may be waived.

Distinguished Alums are eligible 15 years after graduation; Honored Athletes are
eligible for nomination 10 years after graduation. Honored Athletes must also meet the
following criteria: one who has made significant contributions to the Edward Lee
McClain High School athletic program through their talent, sportsmanship, and team
spirit, and one who has lettered a minimum of twice in one sport or one in two
sports during one’s athletic career.

Forms may be picked up at Community Savings Bank and received by March 10.2015