Today in MHS History (Jan. 24, 2015)

Centennial Footnotes

In September of this year, Greenfield will celebrate the Centennial of McClain High School. The Greenfield Historical Society and the McClain Alumni Association are planning events, and probably other organizations are, as well.

In July, The Greenfield Historical Society will release a book chronicling the building of the beautiful school, including little-known details that might be of interest to both graduates and residents today.

As a member of the team who wrote the book for the Historical Society, it is my hope to periodically release bits of information gleaned from our research that will pique interest in the history of our fine school, prompt folks to attend some of the September festivities, and, of course, buy the Historical Society book.

1913: On this date, January 24, after a long search, thorough vetting, and much correspondence, Edward Lee McClain entered into an official contract with noted school architect William B. Ittner, of St. Louis, calling for him to design a school to be built in Greenfield on the corner of Jefferson and Sixth. McClain had already begun purchasing and clearing the land, and residents were aware of his plan to build and donate a high school. McClain wanted the most modern, up-to-date school that Ittner could create.

This info comes from Jayne Honnold of the Greenfield Historical Society