Centennial Medallions for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas giving a new supply of McClain High School Centennial Medallions have arrived. The price is still $35 and medallions can be obtained by sending a check to the McClain Alumni Association, c/o Linda Penn, 11525 SR 138, Greenfield, OH 45123 or directly from Sue Ann Baird at the Superintendent’s Office at 200 N. Fifth St.

Also note that the Alumni Associations newsletter will be mailed soon and it too will contain information about upcoming events.



Centennial Dragon Edition

The graduating class of 2015 will be the Centennial Class of McClain High School. To mark the occasion the Annual Staff is offering an opportunity for Alumni to have their name and year of graduation included in this special edition of the McClain Dragon.  The cost per name is $5. Send your name and year of graduation, along with payment to:

McClain Annual Staff % Jo Ellen Gossett, McClain High School, 200 N. Fifth St., Greenfield, Ohio 45123

Make checks payable to McClain Annual Staff and please include your current address and email address so the Alumni Association records can be kept current.