1914 GHS Dragon

Digging through a stack of books I came across a 1914 issue of the Greenfield High School Dragon. Among the many articles was a very relevant reference to the “new” school being constructed.

“The new High School building will be fully equipped throughout with the best school furniture and the latest teaching accessories. The architect, W.B. Itter, of St. Louis, is at present engaged in drawing up the specifications for the equipment, all of which will be especially designed and built for this building.”

It is extremely interesting to compare and contrast the prose, ideas, beliefs, and style of the era marking McClain High School’s beginning with today. Everything seemed so prescribed, expected, and formal. Here’s a few other items you may find interesting.

“The attendance of the Greenfield High School was 99.5 per cent for both September and October. Four cases of tardiness occurred.”

“The Board of Education has appropriated one hundred dollars for library books. A number of the new books have already been received and have been placed on the shelves. Others have been ordered and will soon be here. Many of the new books are devoted to subjects of a practical character, such as agriculture, commerce, electricity, etc.”

“About twenty G.H.S. students attended a basket ball game in Salem Friday night, November 6th, between the Buckskin High School team and a Greenfield team. Moxie George, Ralph Iseman, Finley Arnott, Charles Davis and Paul Iseman, of the G.H.S., played on the Greenfield team. The Greenfield boys were defeated by a score of 36 to 7.”

I’ve also included a few photos of advertising form the Dragon of businesses that were still around when many of you were young.

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