Dimples of Time

Several McClain classes held their reunions over the weekend of the 2014 Greene Countrie Towne Festival. Two of them requested tours of the high school and I had a chance to walk along with the Marble wear MHSClass of 1964. I have been in the school since it was refurbished in 2000 so I spent much of my time looking into class rooms checking out evidence of current technology that didn’t exist when I was teaching there. There is little evidence that blackboards get much use these days and gone are the wall maps and charts. In their places are white boards with overhead projectors fed by computers. If a teacher wants to display a map of Europe they simply call it up from the PC’s hard drive or from a distant server. Whatever can be found on the Intranet or Internet can be quickly displayed on the central white board, including videos and full-feature movies. A versatility not even imagined by teachers of my era.

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