F.R. Harris

On Sunday, April 27, 2014 the Greenfield Historical Society hosted their annual Spring Tea at the Konneker Educational Museum. It is tradition that someone recreate the character of an important person from the community’s past. This year that person was Superintendent Emeritus of the Greenfield Schools, Frank R. Harris, who was brought to life by retired McClain teacher and alumnus, Danny Long. Included below is an assortment of photos related to Harris and McClain High School currently on display at the museum.

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More than just horse collars

Several years ago I became involved in researching the business interests of Edward L. McClain. Most alumni of McClain High School are aware of McClain making his mark in the horse collar business but few are aware his interest were broader. Instead of reprinting the article and the accompanying photographs I’ll simply link to the original online archived page. Click on McClain’s photo below.

Click photo for link to McClain's other businesses.

Click photo for link to McClain’s other businesses.

E.L. McClain’s death

elmcclain obitLocal blogger and Greenfield city manager, Ron Coffey, recently posted this newspaper clipping about the death of Edward Lee McClain. Several years ago MHS graduate George Hull told me about McClain having died from complications following a hip fracture. Ron found this clipping on a website in Atco, Georgia. Atco was a town founded by McClain where he built a factory to manufacture cloth for his horse pad business. To house his workers he constructed a number of homes and community buildings. Many of the homes still stand but the community has since been annexed by the city of Cartersville, GA and the factory, American Textile Company (ATCO), demolished. After McClain no longer needed the cloth production the factory was sold to the Goodyear Rubber Company and was used for decades to produce bias cloth used in the manufacture of tires.

Alumni Association donated $55k to art restoration

Ongoing art restorations project

For many years the McClain Alumni Association has maintained a special fund for the eventual restoration of McClain’s historic artworks. Over this past winter a group of three statues were restored to their original condition and appearance. That project was funded by monies from both the Board of Education and The Alumni Association.

To continue restoration it was recently announced that the Alumni Association has given the school a check for $55,000 to cover the cost of restoring a fourth statue, Joan of Arc, and the long frieze of the Parthenon on the main floor.

Hopefully within a few more years the generous donations of the McClain family will be ready for another century of service.